Self heating rice

hottoraisu.jpg Now this is a sweet invention. No more ramen! The Japanese have come up with packet where rice is taken and subjected to pressure and then sealed in a packet with an exothermic agent attached to it. When water is poured on top of the packet, the agent reacts and … BAM! fifteen minutes later, you have some hot rice!
It might be targeted at disaster areas and such, but I can totally see this as the next evolution of lazy cooking. Who needs the microwave when you can have all of your food packaged like this. Currently there’s only rice with pickled plums going for about 10,000 yen for 30 packets (about $83USD) but as people use it, the prices are bound to go down. Perhaps sooner rather than later, you’ll see steak dinners packaged this way. It’ll be a new way to get fat and lazy… truly fast food, but it could be actually better for you than regular fast food these days being preserved with enormous amounts of sodium.
Via Popgadget