Retroactive immunity for telcos is WRONG

Sometimes, I really despise politics. Oh wait, that’s all the time.
The current administration is proposing the most preposterous and completely ludicrous thing for telcos that share personal information with the government and then later find out that its illegal to do so. Yes, these telcos would get retroactive immunity. This is resulting in the backlash after people found out that AT&T allowed the NSA to put in some domestic surveillance equipment in one of the switches on the west coast.

The issue of whether any of this behavior was legal is not important. The government has already argued that legality doesn’t matter when it comes to the phone companies, since even a ruling that their actions were illegal would expose the existence of the intelligence-gathering program in question. Therefore, such cases should not even be considered by the courts.

What? You don’t seriously want me as a citizen to believe this? The fact is, you KNEW it was illegal. Any attorney can tell you that it was in a tremendously large gray area that is the mesh between intelligence-gathering and rights of the citizens. This is the same reason why you can’t have the military operate on a democratic bounds. It just doesn’t work that way. Things obviously clash.
Give another example why this is completely wrong. If the government was to say, hey…. I need some biochemical weapons and a corporation would be like… that’s wrong, it’s against the Geneva protocol. “Oh that’s okay, don’t worry about it, ” says the government. So the corporation does what it’s told even though it knows it’s wrong. Would they get immunity then for going against the law? I would imagine not.
It really is hypocrisy if you live in a country that you have certain privacy rights and then the government turns it into a farce. At least that’s how it looks from this perspective.
Via Arstechnica