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MarcoPolo is a cool little application for MacOSX that allows you to do automatic location switching. What it does is that it looks at your current connection state and then takes that and saves it into a location. Then it uses profile matching to see if you match up to certain locations based on the connection profiles. If so, then you’re automatically connected to that particular location. Call it educated guessing.

TypePad bug links wrong TypeKey profile

Found a bug with TypeKey when you use TypePad. Apparently while TypeKey itself takes into account capitalization, TypePad did not. So when I signed in via the blog to comment on someone’s blog, it gave the wrong profile since my login name isn’t caps but the other guy’s was so in the ASCII order of things, he won out as the bigger letter. Oops.
Fortunately, I gave Six Apart the heads up and they responded in their normal friendly fashion that they’ve found the issue and have a patch ready to roll out on May 31st. So in case you’re having the same issues… the recommended work around is to login via the TypeKey link above to register the correct profile.
Nothing drastic as far as bugs go, just a slight annoyance that you’re not you. heh.
Word of advice for startup businesses. If you want to succeed in good customer service, take a few pointers from Six Apart. They really know how to respond quickly and in a friendly fashion and not leave you hanging.

Movie Review: Children of Men

Strangely enough, while there are a lot of apocalytical movies, this one had a pretty interesting twist on it and had a lot more people die in it than you would think. The movie itself starts out with a bomb blowing up a coffee shop, as part of your “norm” lifestyle. It’s set in the United Kingdom in 2027, when we find that human beings cannot reproduce anymore and is pretty much on the verge of extinction in the next couple of generations. Theo Faron (Clive Owens) is thrust into a fight between a terrorist group for immigrant rights lead by Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore) against the government.
This movie was very dark, and gloomy. Not recommended for those that cannot handle war type movies, since it is very much like one but within a civilian perspective. It starts off with a bang, and is pretty much in a similar mood the whole time. Strangely enough, the book of the same title, of which the film is based on, switches the roles of infertility from man (in book) to woman (in film).

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r8brain is a product of Voxengo that allows you to convert PCM WAV files into other types of PCM WAV files. It basically allows you to write 8-32bit wave files and supports mono and stereo file support.
This is something that sometimes you need for changing a file that is say…. allowed in Second Life. Or whatever else you would perhaps need a audio file writer for. Freeware for Windows.


BarcodeImage is a nice free application for MacOSX that allows you to save barcodes in a number of different barcoding formats in PNG or EPS graphic formats. You can change the resolution of these graphics, print them, or do whatever else you need to them.
CoolOSXApps < BarcodeImage

FunSlide Carpet Skates

What can you say? These are friggin’ cool. You’re totally missing out if you don’t get some carpet skates to get around your office in. Take a look here at what you’d be missing out on:
The wind from the AC…
The pretty girl in cubicle NA-23 that smiles at you as you whiz by…
The guys standing at the water cooler, jaw dropping at your speed…
Your boss holding out your pink slip as you race by like a dream…

Wait a second, what? Yes, this is what you get to look forward to when you get some carpet skates. They strap onto your shoes (the foam padding holds you in) and the bottoms are made of some ultra slippery plastic. Probably not a good thing to try on smooth flat surfaces like linoleum.
Pads? You might want some. Cuz you’ll be flying through.
Be forewarned that it might be against your office policy to have such a device or toy. Yeah, some office managers don’t like it when you can’t corner with these babies on. Will run you about sixteen bucks.


Think allows you to fullscreen every one of your applications. Because face it. This is an age where concentrating on a computer is difficult. If it’s not IM, it’s Twitter. Or E-mail. Or a number of other things that you just can’t help dividing your attention away from what you truly need to do. So quit it. Use Think to really think about what you need to do and get back to the one thing at a time scenario. Freeware for MacOSX.
CoolOSXApps > Freeverse

Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headphones MOTOROKR S9

The Motorola S9 is the most lightweight of all of the headphones produced by the Chicago based corporation. Created for working out, it is water resistant and sweat resistant and is an in-ear type of form factor but also wraparound so that it stays snug on the head. With a six hour playback time for music and seven hour talk time, this pair of headphones can last you a pretty long while if you’re out and about. And almost a week of standby time.
Like all Bluetooth headphones, talking on the phone is a bit different. Since the S9 only has the conversation go in your left ear, it’s not too much different from holding the phone to your ear. Testing shows that the microphone quality of sound is actually very good and most people don’t realize you’re on headphones and that is consistent with usual Motorola products.

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Newsweek posts top 1200 high schools

Newsweek has posted the results for the top 1200 high schools. What’s great is that this year, two of our local high schools has made it to the list: newcomer Western Guilford (80) and Grimsley (84).
One interesting thing to note though. Grimsley over the years has actually dropped in national ranking:

  • 2005 – rank 67
  • 2006 – rank 72
  • 2007 – rank 84
In the top 100, but still it’s a little bit disconcerting that the rank has been dropping over the last three years.

Yod’m 3D

Yod’m 3D is a virtual desktop application that is very much like Beryl’s 3D cube spinner. Basically, each virtual desktop is placed on a side of a 3D cube and you can spin it with some keyboard shortcuts that you can change.
Lifehacker < ChrisSoft