Motorola S805 DJ Headset

The S805 is definitely your DJ style headset. But on top of the quality of a Motorola product, you also don’t need to fear that you can’t be spinning your beats and not be able to take that important call when it comes. No problems there! When the phone rings, it’ll just pause the music and ring through if you want it to do so.
The headset is a bit bulky just like those regular headphone type sets, but the ear pieces swivel so that you can listen to only one and hold it up, like you see so many DJs do. The volume control is also right there on the the ear piece, with a nice forward/backward motion to actually get the volume to turn up or down.
The skip forward and reverse for music is also on the same forward/backward track but on the the other (right) ear. It makes maneuvering around without looking at your headphones a breeze. Trying to pause the track? Just click the big round button on your right ear. Trying to take a call? Click the big round button on your left ear. Pretty straight forward.

One thing to note although the sound is great and all. When taking a call, the voice comes through both sides in stereo. While this is good on one end, when you talk, the voice echoes through your head. Your voice that is. It’s similar to cupping your ears currently and trying to speak. This could become a major annoyance to some people in which it has to be made clear that the conversation would sound like that. The microphone seems to pick up pretty well although it picks up some extraneous sounds and the other caller will think that you might sound a little off. This is very similar to practically all BT headsets so it won’t impact most users and really is a slight nit picky thing to point out.
All in all, these headphones are some of the most desirable ones if you’re not going anywhere. The sound is definitely way up there on the quality scale. The Motorola S805 Bluetooth 2.0 (DJ Style) Stereo Headphones [affiliate] runs about $150USD.