Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headphones MOTOROKR S9

The Motorola S9 is the most lightweight of all of the headphones produced by the Chicago based corporation. Created for working out, it is water resistant and sweat resistant and is an in-ear type of form factor but also wraparound so that it stays snug on the head. With a six hour playback time for music and seven hour talk time, this pair of headphones can last you a pretty long while if you’re out and about. And almost a week of standby time.
Like all Bluetooth headphones, talking on the phone is a bit different. Since the S9 only has the conversation go in your left ear, it’s not too much different from holding the phone to your ear. Testing shows that the microphone quality of sound is actually very good and most people don’t realize you’re on headphones and that is consistent with usual Motorola products.

Most people don’t ogle packaging, but this is one of the few times that I’ve seen Motorola do a spectacular job with the box itself. It’s actually reminiscent of Apple’s iPod boxes which should give some sort of idea on how interesting the design is.
The synchronization with devices takes a bit of work. Well, not work, but patience. Once the two devices are pairing together, just leave them alone for a while. It actually takes a bit longer in tests for devices to pair up with these headphones for whatever reason. And there’s no good indicator except to wait for the purple flashes on your headphones to indicate pairing is complete.
Comfort wise, these headphones are indeed the premier thing to use as of yet. When I have them in, it’s difficult to even tell they’re there if one of my ears wasn’t a bit crooked and it didn’t hang exactly right. When you first break them in, they might feel a bit tight on your head. It’s okay, that actually loosens up a bit after use. It also is pretty sturdy compared to some of the other designs that I’ve seen in the past with Bluetooth headphones that wraparound the head. These are the smallest, lightest, and definitely best as of yet that I’ve been able to get my hands on.
These babies will run you about a Benjamin, a Jackson, and a Hamilton ($130 USD). So get your Motorola S9 SNOOP S9 Bluetooth A2DP Stereo Headset MOTOROKR S-9 Retailed [affiliate] today.