MacCase Jacket for 17″ Macbook Pro

A while ago, I bought the MacCase Jacket for my Macbook Pro. I chose the design of this bag due to one that I already have for a work Dell, that works very well for me. These are usually designated a profile design.
The Jacket is a vertical design, where your laptop slips in sideways and is hanging downward from your body along the long form. The Jacket has a flap zip up storage for some little things, or accessories. There are also two other pockets, one that is definitely for an iPod and the other is supposedly for a cell phone. The iPod pocket has a place for the wiring to string through so that you can manage the headphones without having to leave your iPod out of your bag. It also have directions for the buttons so that you can play, pause, fast forward and reverse your music without having to take out your iPod. If you carry a lot of gizmos and cables for your Macbook Pro, then you’ll be able to toss them in the mesh storage area that is right under the flap.

At first I thought that you would need to have a sleeve also with this bag. But no need. The insides are pretty snug, and is foam lined all around your Macbook Pro. In fact, even the side where it would lay against your body? That is lined with foam to provide a cushion and more protection for you MBP.
The shoulder strap and the handle seem to be reinforced and padded. This makes carring the laptop a lot easier without a lot of strain due to the padding. It’s just a lot easier to haul around when your laptop bag is designed very well to accommodate for your spiffy laptop.
Are there things that I wish this bag came with? Sure. Even with the 2″ design, I wish it came with two bodyguards so I wouldn’t have to worry about the security of my laptop. Of course that wouldn’t happen so if you’re interested in a MacCase Jacket for Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro, PowerBooks, Stealth Black [affiliate], it will run you somewhere around $65USD. I personally am very happy with mine and will continue to look into the products that MacCase sells for future Apple product protection.