Little kids at long movies…

Something really bugs me about some parents. They don’t seem to care about other people a lot of times at movie theaters. And movie theater employees really need to start a new rule. If your child is younger than say…. eight, then you’re not allowed into a movie that is over ninety minutes.
The reason for this is pretty simple. Younger children can’t handle sitting still for that long.
What brought this on? Spider-Man 3 is 2 hours and 20 minutes. That is one hundred and forty minutes long. Heck, I couldn’t help but get a restroom break in the middle. Yet, there are young parents that drag their children to this super-long movie and expect them not to fidget, talk, cry, etc. It’s even worse when you hear toddlers that talk throughout the movie because the parents wanted to see the movie but cheaped out on finding a babysitter. Or babies that cry in theaters that don’t have a soundproof booth for mothers (one small theater back in college had one of these).
Seriously. Annoying. Just like people that leave their cell phones on during movies. If you really can’t help it, wait for the DVD and respect the other moviegoers.