Ion USB Turntable

Are you old school? Still listen have some of those records and just can’t let them go? No sweat. You can go to the digital age without letting go. The Ion USB Turntable [affiliate] is a great little tool to attach to your Windows or Mac computer and it plays 33 and 45 rpm records. Need to clean up those scratchy tunes? No sweat. It comes with the software. Need to output it to your speakers? RCA line. What else could you ask for?
Not sure if you could actually do scratching on this turntable, but it’d definitely be interesting if you could. Then you could compose straight on this baby without having to go out and get a really expensive one that you couldn’t afford to break. This tiny wonder will only run you about a hundred and fifty.
So quit stalling and go get yourself one. Don’t let that Sinatra record go. Digitize that Moon River. Because they just don’t make them like they used to but there isn’t any reason why you can’t bring that old school sound into the new millennium.