How to save your hard drive from Vista’s system restore

Vista unfortunately is defaulted to take up 15% of your hard drive for system restore. No there isn’t a pretty window where you can set it. So what can you do about that? DownloadSquad has a howto on reducing that space that Vista defaults for shadowstorage.
Believe us when we say, you don’t usually need 15% unless you have some serious saving and installation that you do and you change your system a whole lot. Not to mention that the only way to restore the backups is through Windows Vista Ultimate, which we assume that most people buying computers straight off-the-shelf would not have or have the need to have.
In any case, if you’re messing with Windows Vista, make sure you take a look at this if your drive space seems rather miniscule over time and you don’t want the system restores to chew up your hard drive for no reason.