Battlestar Galactica Season 4 to be final? (update 1)

It looks like all great things must come to an end. One of the most brilliant remakes of the 1978 classic science fiction television series is coming to an end. Not that it wasn’t expected. There wasn’t too much else you could do with the series and it seems like the Cylons and humans are drawing closer to Earth than ever before.
If you haven’t seen this spectacular series, then by all means GET IT ON DVD. We don’t usually buy any television series, but this one was definitely one that we HAD to own. It’s worth the money if you love science fiction, or the old series.
Update (1): Executive producer, David Eick, debunks the previously reported end of BSG with season 4. While this is great news, we’re not sure where they’re going to go with the storyline and if it’s going to go past reaching Earth? We suppose it could, although there would have to be some serious writing for some new good suspense.
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