Asian student arrested for making mod maps of school

This is where it gets very annoying when a tragic thing such as the VT shootings occur. Because the shooter was Korean, the Korean community came under scrutiny. The media kept pointing out the fact that he was Korean, like it had anything to do with it. No… whackos are whackos.
Now a Fort Bend high school senior, who happens to be chinese, has been arrested and for creating a mod of his school for a video game. What’s interesting is that mods have been around since first person shooters have been available. Mods of all sorts of places have been made but this whole “scare” so let’s arrest people is ridiculous.
I personally feel that the backlash of media scrutiny on the race of the shooter is finally bubbling up. You almost want to say that it’s a race based “security” issue. If the shooter was Caucasian, would there have been this incident in Fort Bend? I almost want to say “no”. Columbine is a great example. There wasn’t arrests of other kids that happened to be white because they wrote some level for some video game. Even more ridiculous is this:

FBISD officials declined to comment on the matter Monday. “Our challenge is, people in the community have freedom of speech and can say what they want, but we have laws” covering privacy issues, especially involving minors, that the district has to respect, said spokeswoman Nancy Porter.

I’m sorry, but it’s not a matter of freedom of speech. The guy didn’t do anything! He wrote a level in a game, after a place he spends his time most. So if someone was a gamer and worked at the National Monument, and created a Counter Strike level of the National Monument, would you also arrest them too? How about the movies that depict scenes of famous places? Oh no. They were showing the San Francisco trolley! Arrest them! They must be terrorists!
As you can see, there is no logic behind these “security” arrests. It’s all FUD. At least the Chinese community is rallying behind this boy. In the end, this sums it up the best:

The Asian community “faces new pressures” as a result of the shootings, William Sun told board members. “We urge the school and community not to label our Asian students as terrorists.”

Update (5/3): Joystiq has provided links to the actual Counter Strike maps and pictures. I hate to say it, but perhaps this is also a problem of the whole “all asians look alike” syndrome. It doesn’t make anyone look good in this regard. I personally am really glad that there are sites such as Joystiq and others that have taken up the call to show how shameful the process is in just randomly using the word “terrorist” to label anything that someone doesn’t like. Better be careful… there might be some that will start calling “apples” that since they don’t like it. You know that apple seeds can kill ya right?
Joystiq < FortBendNow