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Manitoba chiefs think the air is a “resource”

Chiefs of the Manitoba First Nations are trying to gain the cell phone revenues of Manitoba Telecom Services claiming that it should get a cut because airspace is the same resource as land or water. To me, this is fairly amusing because my first question would be if they’re asking for revenues from AM/FM vendors, television, and anyone else that would be crossing the airspace. Chasing after this could also potentially backfire. They can and should be paid for physical footprint of towers. That’s standard procedure.
However, what could backfire is that MTS redirects all of their antennas away from any of the First Nations land and pull any towers inside that territory. You could potentially lose all cellular coverage if someone doesn’t wish to share the revenue stream. Is that something that the Manitoba First Nations can afford to lose?
I think that this comes from people not understanding how wireless works and just seeing dollar signs from cellular providers. Obviously there are plenty of holes in the airspace argument. We’ll see where this goes, since if First Nations wins out, there will be many more proposals as such to be seen and some will begin in the US. From my perspective, I don’t see how it can be justified.
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Disgust for the “all knowing” ministry


The one thing I abhor as much as spam is junk mail. But the whole blanket target marketing thing pisses me off incredibly. Yes, apparently I need a whole bunch of credit cards based on the amount of applications I receive, just as much as I need Viagra apparently because… well, someone out there just knows that I need it.
So when I got this postcard, at first I was like… hey, what’s this cool asian stuff. Then I realized that some Ministry from GEORGIA was sending me stuff. What the heck? I’m not even in the same zip code. Or state for that matter. What’s even more infuriating is the fact that they assumed I was Korean based on my last name. It’s like if the the Catholic church decided…. hey, let’s send Catholic advertisements to all Italians because everyone knows that Italians are Catholic! Uhh no. Or that anyone with the last name of William must be an American. Talk about generalizing.
Which leads me to my complaint at work. You wouldn’t believe how many corporate mailing lists I get on due to the fact that they figure I have an asian sounding name, so I must in fact reside in Asia! Huh? How did you figure that out.
In any case, back to the original topic. There is a lesson to be learned here. Don’t send people mail about things they can’t read, based on certain assumptions that you think are correct. It’s rude, inconsiderate, and plain waste of the tree that the postcard was made from, not to mention a waste of government (Postal service) time and most of all, my time. And you’ll guarantee that you’ll do yourself a huge disservice if that person just happens to blog since my previously indifferent opinion of you has slid towards disdain for you. Talk about bad luck on your part. Well, bad luck to be the target of such scoffing.

Greensboro economic development seems to lose the vision

I’ve been thinking about my fair city of Greensboro lately. A lot about why I’ve pulled away from participating as much in economic development. Why while I think everything has gone very well so far, it seems to stray from the path that will lead it to bigger and better things. My perspective, but one that seems to fashion alternative thinking than the same ol’ “yes man” attitudes.
One current annoyance right now is where the city proposed to raise the fees for the privilege license to do business within Greensboro. To tell the truth, as a business co-owner, the license fee isn’t all that bad currently. But for the proposed raise, the maximum cap of $10,000 would really hurt the small businesses that are fighting to stay alive. What’s interesting is that this cap raise would also make us less viable to locate small businesses here than say… Winston-Salem.
So now the City Council is reconsidering after an uproar raised by small business owners. They really need to take this into account. Especially with some of the things I’ve been thinking about for a couple months now.

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Ion USB Turntable

Are you old school? Still listen have some of those records and just can’t let them go? No sweat. You can go to the digital age without letting go. The Ion USB Turntable [affiliate] is a great little tool to attach to your Windows or Mac computer and it plays 33 and 45 rpm records. Need to clean up those scratchy tunes? No sweat. It comes with the software. Need to output it to your speakers? RCA line. What else could you ask for?
Not sure if you could actually do scratching on this turntable, but it’d definitely be interesting if you could. Then you could compose straight on this baby without having to go out and get a really expensive one that you couldn’t afford to break. This tiny wonder will only run you about a hundred and fifty.
So quit stalling and go get yourself one. Don’t let that Sinatra record go. Digitize that Moon River. Because they just don’t make them like they used to but there isn’t any reason why you can’t bring that old school sound into the new millennium.

WireShark for MacOSX

WireShark used to be called Ethereal. It was a network analyzer that was used to sniff traffic and report on what was going across the network. It’s one of those useful tools to see how traffic is shaped and if someone happens to be transferring plain-text passwords and all sorts of other analysis on packets traversing a network. Fortunately, when they shifted to the new name, there was a bit of support for MacOSX. Open source, as always.
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Game Review: Bust-A-Move Bash! (Wii)

Bust-A-Move Bash! (Wii)
I must sheepishly admit that I own almost every single Bust-A-Move title out there that I can find for the consoles I have ever since playing it in the arcade years and years ago. I’ve also got countless number of friends hooked on this game (you can thank me later Taito). So when the Wii version of this puzzle game came out, I had to get my hands on it.
Controls: On one hand, it’s definitely unique. You can either twist your Remote and fire via either button or point with your Remote and fire. Unfortunately, this is the only two ways to play in single player mode. The sensitivity of both methods is extremely high and not exactly suited for easier control of game play. There is a “Simple” Gun mode that actually places a target on the screen of where you shoot. This makes it pretty easy to play the puzzles.
Game Play: Overall, the game play isn’t bad. It’s much like the previous versions where you match up the right colors to bust the bubbles, or face eminent death of the ever dropping screen. The very interesting thing is that many of the puzzles are full wide-screen mode. So it takes some thought to conquer them all, and they’re not all confined to the middle of the screen like this game’s predecessors.

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AudioXplorer lets you analyze sound in MacOSX. It can show a sonogram, spectrum, and the sound itself in a visual format. It can generate new sounds, or record a sound to be manipulated. It can export the data in graphics formats, export the audio in AIFF format, and import in sounds in all the major types that you can think of (mp3, mp4, wav, snd, etc). Very cool little application for those that need to generate and manipulate sounds with this Mac. Freeware due to it being discontinued. The source code is available for download under the BSD license.
CoolOSXApps < ArizonaSoftware


DMGConverter basically does exactly what the name says. It converts dmg, iso, cdr image files or allows you to create those image files easily. Drag-and-drop? No problem. Already made an ISO and just need to convert it to a dmg file? No sweat. Freeware? Schweet.
CoolOSXApps < Xrea

UMass boos Andrew Card’s honorary degree

Andrew Card, former chief of staff for President George W. Bush, was booed and catcalled by hundreds during the graduate school commencement ceremony. Don’t remember who he was? He’s one of the first guys to spin the PR around the conflict for Iraq and why we should be going in. No amount of words can do the video justice, so just watch:

What can you say…. the students and faculty have made their voices heard. Obviously the university administration has ties with Andrew Card to not have held any regard into what they had to say, and with an overwhelming majority I might add given the amount of “no Card” cards in the video that were displayed. You can guarantee that there will be a rift created between the administration and the student body/faculty in the future. For Card, it was probably an embarrassing moment and not one where I personally would have wanted to show my face in and for the university administration, there might be hell to pay if their decision might effect future enrollment. Who knows. Regardless, the above video shows that there are those in academia that are definitely sick of the war in Iraq and anyone linked to the current administration.
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MacOSX Dashboard Widget: MLBSchedule

Another brilliant Dashboard widget. A big fan of baseball? Can’t handle not knowing the scores of your teams or when they play? No problem. MLBSchedule allows you to track your favorite team and check the scores and who’s pitching. If the game is already over for the week, then the scores are posted. Want to watch more than one team? Launch more than one widget. I personally don’t watch baseball that closely anymore, but I know plenty of people that do.
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