I first touched the Wii two weekends ago. What can I say but what an awesome console. It totally revolutionizes the way games are played since the games are more interactive. So I defied all odds and got one (yes, even almost May, they are super difficult to find). They’ll run you about $250 but these days, you’ll probably have to buy a bundle deal just to get one. Bundles range anywhere from $350+ to $650+.
And I’m just having a blast. Microsoft should fear Japanese innovation if this is anything to be said about it. At one point, I thought Nintendo, the people that made console gaming into what it is now, had bit the dust.
No more. No more.
One thing for sure. Nintendo and Sony really need to kick it up a notch for online group gaming. If they can launch a micropayment online system that allows group interaction, there will be hell to pay when it comes to online systems. So far, I’ve already heard that due to the “point and click” approach, the current keyboard entry system already beats out both of the other systems in easy to use when it comes to typing. Now it will really come down to the only thing Microsoft holds best: the online marketplace. It’s still not too late for either Japanese vendor to really turn this into a super cashcow considering micropayments are really what is hot in Asia.