Why is the gas pump hitting our wallets now?

Here’s the thing. Gas prices are up. Everyone knows that. The national average is around $2.87 per gallon, about a nickel shy of last year’s $2.91 per gallon in the same time frame. What’s interesting is that the “reason” is given that the refineries around the United States are going through maintenance and repair that has been limiting the supply, but that will soon pass.
My question is: Last year, we had Katrina… what’s the excuse for this year? It’s been a full year to repair any issues regarding supply. It almost seems like gas corporations are taking their sweet time to milk it for all it’s worth.
What’s interesting is that you don’t hear any fussing at all from the people. They suck it up and deal with the pricing, even though this time last year, there was a lot of talk about it. People don’t seem to be paying attention that even the cost of goods are going up due to the transportation costs (when was the last time you actually looked at what you were buying at the grocery store and compared the price to what you paid last year?).
The American people need to be more vocal about this “turtle-paced” move at repairing our gasoline supply and the push from the White House to double our supply reserves. It seems that the longer we are silent, the closer to that $4 per gallon gas we will come. Then the day will come when we tell our children and our grandchildren of these days and they will be in awe at how cheap $2.86 seemed. Alas, I remember the days when it was a little over a dollar.