Why bad electrosensitivity stories makes me laugh

Disclaimer: since I work in the cellular industry, and have worked as an RF engineer for a number of years… Below is my personal opinion on the whole subject matter of EMR and ES.
I have to laugh some at this article in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. It’s not that electrosensitivity is bogus. In actuality, electromagnetic wave radiation is very real and extreme exposure cannot be good for you in my personal opinion. There is even some studies that show that low-level magnetic fields over long time periods can cause DNA damage.
But when people claim WiFi as a source, I just have to smirk. The reason being that if you take an EMF meter to any of the electrical devices, your WiFi should be the least of your concerns (one of my older alarm clocks produce a ghastly amount of EMF). In fact, the article had the sensitive lady claiming that cellular “picture” phones sent messaging to the base station every nine minutes. This is where I almost burst out laughing. SS7 messaging along with paging messages for mobile phones are pretty much always on. It’s how base stations can determine where a phone is to make a connection. If it was messaging every nine minutes, then on a maximum time limit scale, that’s eight whole minutes that you could not receive a call since the base stations had no clue where your mobile was physically. Also, mobile phones have way more radiation since radiation is pretty much due to shielding and power levels. If you’re sending a signal to a base station that is about a mile or so away, it’s definitely going to be more than something that can barely hit 150 feet line-of-sight.
What’s even more interesting is that the older your devices and appliances are, the worse the radiation, especially in FCC’s Part 15. So even though the lady in the article is shielding through wallpaper and special film on the windows, the range of most radiation dissipates pretty quickly with distance. So the amount of exposure is still sourced within the house itself.
Like I said before. It’s not that electrosensitivity isn’t an issue, nor if magnetic fields are bad for you. The point is that she’s not blocking the one thing that she would be around the most and is still irradiating her. If she has a microwave, watch out.
Unfortunately, there is not much out there to link ES to EMR (electromagnetic radiation) medically. But just because there’s no clinical proof, doesn’t mean there isn’t a link. On the other hand, there’s also no need to take to the extremes that this lady has especially when some of the facts are a bit off. Reducing exposure will always give most people the best of both worlds (health and luxury). If you use a cellular phone a lot, then get a bluetooth headset. If you use the microwave a lot, step away from it after you punch in the buttons. There’s plenty of other things traveling through the air (such as VHF waves? FM? AM? ) that also travel through our bodies.
In the end, maybe the lady in the article has a point, even though there are some incorrect facts. But even so, most of civilized society needs to realize that if you start banning WiFi, then you better be ready to give up your mobile phone. If you are not, then don’t be making ridiculous demands that don’t follow logic.