When liberals aren’t so liberal…

Usually I don’t write about politics because it’s plain stupid. But lately, it’s taken a turn for the worst. Here’s the look at why. As I pointed out yesterday, things like this are actually a poor choice for liberals. Why? Well, think about it in this fashion. Liberals are usually about the broader mindset, the bigger picture, more choices. I term it as “usually”, because when it comes to gun control, they flip sides with conservatives. Conservatives don’t care if you don’t want a gun, but they want everyone to have the right to one. Broader viewpoint, right?
So the point here is that when I read Dave Winer write this on AmyLoo’s observation in regarding McCain and the cheap shots by MoveOn, I scoffed:

Amyloo chimes in on liberals not stooping to the ridiculously low level of Republican politics.

I couldn’t help but also read Amy’s post here on the cheap shots in more detail:

I think it’s also about liberals being broadminded enough to set an example and not stoop to the picayune. If you were horrified when McCain and others seized on John Kerry’s misunderstood joke about ending up in Iraq just before the 2006 congressional elections, you’re no better if you exploit this.

Exactly my point. The one huge thing that I’ve found disconcerting growing up is that politicians all tell you what you want to hear, and there’s a bunch of yes-man groupies right behind them. But when it comes to actions instead of words, it really matters not what side or party.
I believe this is the real reason why the younger generation does not side with a side and are more in the Independent (ie. voting declaration) realm of things. If we held politicians accountable for their actions instead of nodding like bobble-heads, there would be a lot more changes taking place and politicians would be more reserved in making such outrageous claims or having the backlash that comes with it. Alas, I feel that politics as above mentioned is only but a dream. Reality is that we will always have the low blows and nasty talk of politics. We need the realization that human nature will always move towards the primal urges to pummel each other instead of taking the higher road because well… we’re human. Conflict is in the blood. Perhaps the understanding of that realization will be the first step to staying the bickering in politics. Perhaps.