Whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath?

You know… the hippocratic oath. The one where doctors are supposed to uphold saving lives and helping patients with illnesses? The reason we ask is because somewhere along the lines, we as a modern society have strayed from the calling. At least from a patient perspective, it’s difficult enough to find a doctor that won’t try to shoosh you out of the room within record time, even though you’ve been waiting in the waiting room for thirty minutes to an hour.

Here’s the beef with it all.
With eye docs, you get the pushing of LASIK. While it’s a great technology and all, it only works for some people due to the shape of your corneas and how much can be burned off. If you have a high prescription, then forget it. You’ll never stray from glasses. But you can’t get away from people trying to subtly upsell the LASIK.
Dentists aren’t any better. We had the courtesy of going to one a long time ago, that told us it’d be better for us to fill in the “pre-cavities”. What the heck are pre-cavities? When you looked at what they charged the insurance, it was the same thing as a cavity. Needless to say, that dentist didn’t get any return business. We won’t even go into the whole teeth whitening ordeal.
Then there’s your regular doctors. The biggest annoyance is that most doctors have a PA see you, and they just sign off on the paperwork. Sometimes, they don’t even read it and you can tell they’re in a rush to get to the next patient. Don’t mind the fact that the patient has been waiting for a long time just to get their fifteen minutes in. Some doctors even have the nerve of trying to shoo patients out. The other great hurt? The drug pushing. Some doctors get paid by the big pharmaceuticals to push their medicines. So is there a want for you to get better? Perhaps.
There’s not to say that there are not doctors out there that are the genuine article. The dentist we currently use has never once tried to sell me anything without my first asking for it. But like any industry, there are sharks out there, even in the medical field. It’s your duty as a patient to do your homework. If you’re ever in doubt, check the Better Business Bureau, or see if there have been complaints filed against the doctor or place of business. While your doctor has an authority in medicines, make sure that you know what you’re taking and the side effects that come with it. Perhaps 95% of people that take it don’t have any problems, but what if you happen to be in the 5% that become severely ill?
In the end, if you find one of those great docs that really care, then by all means, don’t let go of that great resource. You know the saying: birds of a feather… Otherwise, be on your guard since it’s your body, your health, your life.