Sometimes I wonder about the doctors….

Sometimes, I wonder about the doctors. Personal opinion, but I avoid most PAs like the plague. The fact that they didn’t go to medical school makes me question some of their judgments. Not that doctor judgments aren’t a dime a dozen and some around here are probably more interested in what your insurance can cover.
In my latest ordeal, there was a prescription of Omnicef. This antibiotic in my opinion is one of the strongest things I’ve ever taken in my life. It was also one of the most expensive. With insurance, it cost about thirty smackers. Side effects included me holding my stomach in constant pain. Maybe not everyone gets that, but it definitely wasn’t for me even though it was the first prescribed.
I had the doc call in a prescription direct to the pharmacy for amoxicillin. A more mild antibiotic, it cost under a dollar. Now call it paranoia, or whatever you wish, but why would they prescribe Omnicef if amoxicillin worked just fine? Sometimes you have to wonder.