Ripstick Caster Board

This is definitely an interesting toy since it reminds me of a mix between old skateboards and something from way back in grade school that is sort of like the EzyRoller. In any case, you twist your hips and make a carving motion and the caster board will go. The two wheels looks like they’re the same type of wheels that go on roller blades. The Caster board comes with ABEC-5 bearings, but you might find that you’ll fancy a really smooth ride with ABEC-7 or 9. The larger the number on the ABEC scale, the faster you go.

Personally, I find that this toy is probably decent for maneuvering and transportation, but if you’re into tricks, stick with the old skool skateboards. These Caster Boards can’t help you grind at all since the hinge doesn’t allow you to pop up the board.
If you’re still looking for something to sidewalk surf on, then definitely take a look at the Razor Ripstick (RZ525) [affliliate]. While I can’t guarantee that it’s not as dorky as a scooter, it is definitely unique. Look at it this way, you can hone your carving skills during the off seasons.