OHSO Marko Toothbrush

OHSO has one sexy toothbrush for traveling. For a gadget person like myself, and having to travel a bit for the employer sometimes, it’s worthwhile to have a toothbrush where you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring your toothpaste since it’s stored right in the handle. With a push of a button, it oozes into the bristles and allows you complete access to brushing your teeth without having to hunt for things.
Not to mention, did you check out the neat chrome? I mean that’s some sexy toothbrush. It looks like the OHSO Marko Pocket Toothbrush, Chrome [affiliate] will put you back about twenty bucks, but it’s sure nice on some of those quick spontaneous car trips.
Oh yeah, one last thing. See how sleek and awesome it looks? Probably not a terribly good idea to bring this particular toothbrush with you onto a plane. There is a pretty large likelihood that it’ll get confiscated since it just looks too sexy and TSA apparently has a thing against sexy things.
Via Popgadget