Movie Review: Stranger Than Fiction

Received another movie that I bopped out from I thought it was going to be a pure and simple comedy, seeing that Will Ferrell pretty much acts in those only. But having a comedy drama is totally different and throughout the movie you feel sorry for Harold Crick.
Harold Crick is an IRS auditor that basically lives the same day-in day-out boring life. Everything about his is boring…. then one day, he hears a narrator narrating his life. From that day on, his life totally changes, as the narrator speaks about him in such a way that he finally realizes that there is more to it. In his quest to figure out how to stop the narration and his imminent death, he encounters many different people including Professor Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman) who helps him decipher what type of story the narration is and how he should approach each of the issues.

It’s slightly amusing, even a bit sad at times when you wonder if Harold will truly make it out of the story without dying. Not your average slap-stick humor, but a bit more tied straight into the plot. Definitely a twist on your current day comedy.
You can find this movie pretty much anywhere since comedies are usually a family thing. You’ll find that you can’t seem to stop watching what will happen to Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction (2006) (Widescreen) [affiliate].