Movie Review: Man of the Year

Another great movie from [affiliate] that I haven’t had a chance to review until recently. Man of the Year starring Robin Williams, goes into the funny things about politics and why our current American politics makes no sense. What’s interesting is that outside of the typical comedy, there spirals the actual truth of the matter behind why many young Americans are cynical about political parties.
Man of the Year has Williams as a talk show host, very similar to our present-day Jon Stewart. He announces that he was up for the presidential candidacy and is put on the ballot in thirteen states. There is also a secondary plot that on the electronic voting machines made by the company Delacroy, not so unsimilar from the issues in real-life by Diebold.

Strangely enough, this movie really did not excite the critics, with primarily bad reviews and ratings. Yet, from this viewer’s perspective, this was much more about the comedy. A lot of the writing dealt with current politics and how political parties raise monies for campaigning. But with those contributions comes a reliance of returning favors once in office. The people vote in the candidate, but the candidate doesn’t represent the people. If anything, he represents those that have donated to put him in the position he attains from those contributions.
So much for the thought of democracy. I believe that this was the main message of this movie and it made it so much more meaningful when you find that the people have voted in a comedy show host instead of the usual party candidates due to seeing the truth behind politics and showing their disgust by maneuvering their votes behind the person that didn’t seem to have a chance in hell.
Perhaps this Man of the Year (Widescreen Edition) [affiliate] will inspire you to see a different perspective of politics and that regardless of which side of the bipartisanship it stands, there are some underlying behaviors that seem to be consistent of all political parties.
While the critics seemed to dislike this movie, I believe that it shows why young people love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert so much and those numbers continue to grow as the new presidential campaigns for 2008 draw near.