Movie Review: Eragon

Having never read the book by the same name, I could never tell you if this movie was as good as what Christopher Paolini wrote. But Eragon (Widescreen Edition) [affiliate] was a pretty “ehh” movie from a fantasy perspective. Almost a Sci-Fi channel B-rated film and there was no comparison with the actual storyline in the book that it’s supposedly follows.
The storyline is pretty typical. Farm boy Eragon finds a dragon egg. Dragon hatches from egg. Farm boy is off to be a rash hero and makes superbly rash decisions. Rash decisions lead to downfall of certain other characters. Farm boy is sad. Farm boy wishes to be hero… and so on so forth.

The amount of cheesiness this movie’s dialogue could almost be recited word for word. Which was actually too bad since the dragon itself was extremely well thought out CG and the beginning of the movie actually started out pretty well. All throughout the movie, I had this urge to smack some sense into Eragon, which I assume is not the type of emotion that the author was going for with his character in the book.
Strangely enough, I felt that the Harry Potter movies were a lot better thought out from a script perspective and did make that comment during the movie. Same aged boys, but go figure that the “jock-like” one got the worse script. Oh well. The only actor that is worth mentioning is Jeremy Irons, whom was superb in his character but the script was lacking too much for him to carry alone.
All-in-all, it was an okay dragon magic movie that I probably would have watched on a weekend on the television. Otherwise, you can rent it, but I personally wouldn’t waste my money on buying it unless it’s to go in some collection set.