Media misses key points in Virginia Tech tragedy

To those lives taken, and those afflicted families, the nation is shaken by your tragedy.
To the media, for shame. It makes you wonder what exactly goes on through people’s heads when it comes to public relations and how much common sense it takes to figure out some pretty basic things.

The shooter.
I can’t begin to tell you the countless number of channels that were wondering when the guy purchased his ammunition. But one in particular really didn’t get it. They asked, “Why did he leave the receipt in the bag?” Hello? The guy was going to kill himself. I’m pretty darn sure he’s not really going to care if someone found a receipt. Really.
The girlfriend.
There was an interview about the shooter where two guys from college were talking about how he had an imaginary girlfriend. Some “supermodel” that called the guy, “Spanky”. And apparently he called her, “Jelly”. This was spilled during a drinking bout. The fact that the interviewers nor any of the press that reported this didn’t catch on, is entirely bizarre. Spanky? Jelly? I’m assuming that no one went to school to party, or actually joked around guys much. That’s a pretty obvious juvenile matter about self enjoyment. You know, that “m” word. Geeezz……
The law.
Virginia Tech made very clear how their campus was a “Weapon Free Zone” and the State of Virginia banned concealed weapons to my knowledge due to this dreadful incident. Huh? Since when would banning concealed weapons prevent such a tragedy from recurring? That’s like saying, hey…. drugs are illegal now. So obviously all drug addicts are going to quit using. Right? Uhh no.
The above are just observations of how the media has taken every little bit of the news and tried to dissect every bit like they’re experts in the field. Unfortunately, most people are missing the most obvious sense of all for sniffing out these things: common sense.
The guy was introverted. Probably depressed and kind of nuts. He really didn’t care what happened to people or himself or was the end result. The fact is, he snapped. End of story. Quit trying to psychoanalyze everything. Let the families and friends grieve as the rest of nation turns to help them in this dark time.