Marware Protection Pack Plus for Macbook Pro

Marware creates multiple protection packages specifically for Apple products. The Marware Protection Pack Plus For 17″ MacBook Pro [affiliate] comes in a silver color that fits your Macbook Pro nicely.

  • Keyboard cover
  • Handrest
  • Laptop sleeve

Was it worth it?

For the price versus what other things you could get for similar, I would have to say so. It seems that most laptop sleeves will run you about twenty five dollars at least. This one came with the handrest which is very soft and and is very simple to reapply. It also came with a keyboard cover that is made of a microfiber material so it can also dual as a screen cleaning cloth. Last of all the sleeve is made of the same microfiber material.
Would there be any cons from this product? Actually, there is. Anyone that wears athletic clothes in the winter should know what I’m talking about. You know those shirts or pants that in the winter time, clings like mad due to static? The inner lining of the sleeve will remind you of that. In this case, if you stick you laptop in such a sleeve, would it not create static? I’m not certain but I can tell you that it is cold currently and it did “snap crackle and pop” when I picked up the sleeve.
This type of sleeve will not different no matter from Marware or any other manufacturer though since it’s a problem with the material and cold dry weather. Otherwise, Marware has definitely increased my satisfaction in helping keep my MBP safe from scratches.