Lightwedge – a little night time reading

Ever on a trip and you don’t want a bright shining light on the book you’re reading? That’s no problem. Get a Lightwedge. They come in various sizes for the different types of books you read, but it brightens the only are that needs to be bright. The page of the book.
What’s neat about this as a gift for the readers in your life is the fact that it uses LEDs that shine across the acrylic lens. The lens is in such a shape (yes, it’s actually a slight wedge form) that it diffuses the light across the entire page so that it’s the same brightness at each area. This way, you don’t have issues with the whole spotlight effect and thus is easier on the eyes.

Definitely a very cool gadget. Actually gave it as a gift a while back and it’s been getting a lot of praise since.
It comes in a couple different forms and will run you anywhere from twenty to forty dollars depending on what type of Lightwedge you need: