Congress looking to take some federal college grant money to fight piracy

We don’t really understand this. Representative Ric Keller (R-FL) is looking to introduce his bill HR 1689 to the Higher Education Act of 1965.
The HEA provides money to colleges and universities federal money for Pell loans and financial aid. HR 1689 on the other hand, is to fight piracy that runs a bit more rampant on collegiate campuses. But there isn’t separate monies being provided for the fight. It’s just grouping it in on what would usually give students a chance to pay for college itself.
We’ll note that this is just an introduction to the bill (HR 1689) and could very likely not make it to the floor for a vote like many other bills. But it’s still pretty scary when you think about the logic behind it.
Piracy is wrong. And bad. And you really shouldn’t be doing it, especially with all the great things out there provided by freeware and open source. But we really don’t understand where Representative Ric Keller is coming from, by potentially denying educations with this amendment to fight piracy.
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