Asylum Street Spankers to be at this year’s Ribfest Festival

Winston-Salem’s annual Ribfest Festival goes from June 14-16. I don’t usually promote W-S events, but this year’s is pretty special. Mainly because if you’ve been paying attention to the Internet, then you would have seen some Youtube videos of this group, the Asylum Street Spankers. And if you want to catch them, they’ll be playing on the 14th.
They’re REALLY funny, but you’ll have to put aside some inhibitions and they are super liberal and also super political about their music. There is a lot of language not suitable for children in their music. That aside, some of the stuff that I’ve seen is very funny. Think Saturday Night Live meets bluegrass.

NOTE: Siding on the side of caution, if you’re easily offended, then do not read past this line. Language is probably not suited for workplace either.

Asylum Street Spankers videos after the jump.

Asylum Street Spankers in “Stick a Yellow Ribbon on that SUV”.

A tamer video by ASS, called “Hick Hop”.