Alzheimer could be a thing of the past…

University of Souther California’s Center for Neural Engineering has a team of brain hackers. Ted Berger and team are currently researching electronics implemented with brains that could turn lost memories into a thing of the past.
What’s interesting is that they’re currently determining the signal processing between the brain and how it fires off and how to recreate that with a chip and a slice of brain tissue. This leads the team to believe that they’re approximately four years away from animal testing and less than two decades from human trials.
Despite the great things that can arise from this and the no end of funding for such technology, there are some ethical bounds that this technology has and will face. What if you can implant other people’s memories as your own? Or destroy good memories with bad? Or erase someone’s identity completely with a fresh set of memories? Reminds us of Johnny Mneumonic or The Manchurian Candidate.
Either way, it’s a new age of medicine when we achieve such bionic type abilities by merging flesh with electronics.
Via PopularScience