8.5 game for $1.26

What can I say… it was a stroke of luck. Target just happened to have it in the clearance section and was “AS IS” priced. It seemed like it was fine, so I picked up the PSP’s Twisted Metal Head-On [affiliate]. And without knowing anything about the game itself, it’s was great to find out that it was worth less than a Happy Meal and GameSpot gave it a rating of 8.5!
It was one of the Greatest Hits, so obviously it’s been around the block already and had to gain some fame since… well, you can’t be a Greatest Hits if you don’t play well. The game itself is a driving shoot out, demolitiion derby style game that kept me up all hours of the night. It’s definitely worth picking up if you don’t already have it in your PSP collection. Even better, it has both adhoc and infrastructure wireless play, to give it a huge boost in different types of play.
But realistically, all the ratings aside, I’m still stoked that it was the cheapest game I ever laid hands on that was actually really good. Thank you Target.