Why I don’t Twitter…

Just another Internet fad. Like MySpace in my opinion.
Twitter is this social network based on short messages. From a developer and business point of view, I can see a lot of great information that you can gather on people. In fact, if the API was a bit more robust, there would be a couple of very interesting business tactics that could be applied to it.
But from an end user point of view? It strikes me with about as much force as any other social network fad. Sure, you’ll have your core group of users that love it. And you’ll have your haters too. The real problem is the ideal versus reality. Ideally, Twitter offers you a great way to meet-up with people or provide quick notes. In reality however, there is plenty of: “I’m eating a tuna sandwich.” Uhh, okay. That’s really just plain …. exciting. Not.
A friend of mine told me that if I didn’t want stupid twitters, then not to add the friends that make stupid comments such as the above. Unfortunately, I have better things to do than to filter which friend makes stupid comments on a daily basis.
Is Twitter a good network? Sure. It has some fascinating aspects to it. But in the end, you won’t catch me using it as an end-user like everyone else is because everything it does basically has been done before (IRC anyone?) Sorry.