Upgrading your iPod hard drives

When your iPod dies, you really wanna say…. doh! Do I have to shell out some more money? Well, this might be DIY but it’s definitely worth a shot at reviving that loved white music player if the only issue is a burned out hard drive. CommandTab has a tutorial on how to upgrade your hard drive in your iPod and keep the beauty alive.
We will also note that some of the techniques are not as normal as most technical support type procedures (such as the one where you pry open a 5G iPod as a last resort with a razor blade), so be very careful of what you’re doing. No responsibility is taken for flying pieces of sharp metal or anything else with this and perhaps it’d be more worthwhile to actually get the real tools of the trade.
That disclaimer aside, it’s nice to have this procedure around for the sake of reviving old iPods.