Sprint Unlimited coming soon?

Sprint has really gone and done it. And actually, it’s a pretty good deal.
They’re going to offer an unlimited plan, first from any of the wireless carriers, where you can talk as long as you want, and text as much as you want for $120 per month. For an extra thirty a month, you can run EVDO to your heart’s content (or at least so the marketing says).
Now, that’s $150 total a month, and people are going… ick.. that’s rather high right? Actually, if you’re a business person that travels a lot and happens to need the mediums, then it’s actually a pretty darn good deal. From experience, I can say that when you rack up consistently 2200+ minutes a month and are texting like mad, throwing in some EVDO for a flat rate like that is actually very satisfying from a pocketbook perspective.
Currently this plan is in a trial stage and if successful, will roll out to the national market.
Via Businessweek