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Motorola P790 Portable Charger

Ever been caught traveling and working mobile and you find that your battery life is running dry on your mobile? I have. It wasn’t fun. At the time, I had to run into one of those shops at the airport and had to buy a portable charger with some AA batteries to keep work going.
Now you won’t have to if your phone has a mini-USB plug. In fact, any device that has a mini-USB plug and can take charges from it will be able to use the Motorola P790.

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How to paint without passing out from the noxious fumes

Actually, we can’t promise that you won’t pass out from the fumes, and we’re really not sure if this works having never tried the trick but apparently many others have. Just add some clear vanilla extract (1 teaspoon) to your paint (1 gallon) and mix well. It supposedly will not damage the paint and will just conquer the smell itself.

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Encrypt a disc image in MacOSX

Why should you encrypt a disc image? Well, for one, it’s good to keep sensitive files safe. This isn’t the end-all-be-all solution, but it would definitely keep your images from getting tampered with if someone got a hold of say your tax information.
We keep one around for business sensitive documents but MacInstruct has the tutorial on how to create a disc image and mount it for your use and then burning it to a disc afterwards if you need to keep it safe somewhere.
It’s very simple, probably about three clicks and the typing of the name of the image and a password for the image. In any case, if you didn’t know how to do it for MacOSX, here’s your chance.

Upgrading your iPod hard drives

When your iPod dies, you really wanna say…. doh! Do I have to shell out some more money? Well, this might be DIY but it’s definitely worth a shot at reviving that loved white music player if the only issue is a burned out hard drive. CommandTab has a tutorial on how to upgrade your hard drive in your iPod and keep the beauty alive.
We will also note that some of the techniques are not as normal as most technical support type procedures (such as the one where you pry open a 5G iPod as a last resort with a razor blade), so be very careful of what you’re doing. No responsibility is taken for flying pieces of sharp metal or anything else with this and perhaps it’d be more worthwhile to actually get the real tools of the trade.
That disclaimer aside, it’s nice to have this procedure around for the sake of reviving old iPods.

Breathe like a fish

An Israeli inventor has come up with a brilliant way of breathing underwater without compressed air. The system itself uses the air stored within the water and will hopefully not require divers to carry the heavy tanks anymore. While this is a great breakthrough, there is yet to be a prototype and only the scientific principle has been proven to work. Yet, this is exciting since this could mean a lot in changing the world of rebreathers and diving equipment.
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Why I don’t Twitter…

Just another Internet fad. Like MySpace in my opinion.
Twitter is this social network based on short messages. From a developer and business point of view, I can see a lot of great information that you can gather on people. In fact, if the API was a bit more robust, there would be a couple of very interesting business tactics that could be applied to it.
But from an end user point of view? It strikes me with about as much force as any other social network fad. Sure, you’ll have your core group of users that love it. And you’ll have your haters too. The real problem is the ideal versus reality. Ideally, Twitter offers you a great way to meet-up with people or provide quick notes. In reality however, there is plenty of: “I’m eating a tuna sandwich.” Uhh, okay. That’s really just plain …. exciting. Not.
A friend of mine told me that if I didn’t want stupid twitters, then not to add the friends that make stupid comments such as the above. Unfortunately, I have better things to do than to filter which friend makes stupid comments on a daily basis.
Is Twitter a good network? Sure. It has some fascinating aspects to it. But in the end, you won’t catch me using it as an end-user like everyone else is because everything it does basically has been done before (IRC anyone?) Sorry.

How to create your own solid-state audio/video switcher

There’s nothing like some good ole’ soldering to get the blood pumping… you know?
If you’re down on your cash and you can’t afford those fancy schmancy audio/video switchers, no problem! Engadget can show you how to build your own on the cheap. All the solid-state means is that instead of using a mechanical switch, it uses a circuit based switch and thereby has no moving parts to make it work.
Nothing like stopping at Radioshack. Brings back memories.

Movie Review: Crank

First off, do not let children near this movie. Yes, we know it reads rated R, and that some people really don’t care if their kids are around such ratings. But seriously. This movie is very adult. VERY.
Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with what it’s about.
Chevy Chelios (John Statham), a freelance professional hit man for a giant west coast crime syndicate, finds himself with a huge headache and a DVD saying how he has one hour to live because he’s been pumped full of some crazy drug. The only way to slow the drug’s effect down is to keep his adrenaline running high. And so we begin the mad chase.

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Ducati Maintenance Videos

One of my favorites motorcycle manufacturers has always been Ducati. They make some of the most impressive bikes and are superb on the performance. One of the things that is most difficult to do is maintenance work on such motorcycles due to the complexity of the design.
No problem. MAKE found some Ducati maintenance videos off of YouTube, and each of them very detailed. Of course, the usual disclaimer goes with DIY projects such as these. If you screw it up, the only person liable is yourself. I personally don’t mess with vehicle safety type things because of this but some people aren’t as skittish around mechanic work as we are.


What’s interesting about gCensus is the fact that the project itself is an interface between Google Earth and Census data. It was created after a student felt that it was ridiculous for have to have professional GIS mapping software to plot census data. So he created a proof-of-concept mashup between Google Earth since it can do 3D polygons, and the data provided by the Census. Take a looksie.
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