Open letter to Adult Swim…

Dear Adult Swim,
Great on the April’s Fool’s joke. Haha. Playing Perfect Hair Forever instead of the usual anime line-up. What’s interesting is that you complain the whole year about your ratings, then you get some good shows that are not well advertised and you screw up by pissing off your fan base. It’s also laughable that the boards are having troubles at the time of this post due to the heavy traffic from upset fans (either that, or the forums software can’t scale very well).
First, Nielsen ratings are full of it. Have you ever tried to get a Nilsen ratings box? It’s near impossible, and there is no way to justify anime watchers versus the people that have the boxes. I personally have spoken to many local cable television people that have told me that it’s a total joke since it only tracks a segmented population and then the statistics are multiplied out.
Second, you now have no right to complain about ratings on anime and the commitment it takes to watch it anymore. Last year, it was the “farting” sounds. Very juvenile. At least you could mute it and read the closed captioning. This year, it’s the total disregard of television listings. Every single listings was incorrect from Yahoo to TV Guide starting at 12:00AM EST.
Great job.
Don’t forget one certain thing. You might not think anime is important enough to promote instead of your Super Deluxe show that seems to get more ad time than anything else, but Cartoon Network would not have had its big break without anime. Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon made CTN.
The biggest disappointment tonight will be the fact that you messed up a perfectly good schedule, and disappointed many dedicated fans that stay up on Saturday nights to watch your shows. I might add the only few times that some people can stay up when it comes to work and school schedules.
Again, kudos on your juvenile April Fool’s joke. Perhaps when the ratings have sunk so far because your fan base is going elsewhere for their fix, that you’ll actually remember how your roots got started.
I for one am disappointed that there will not be Bleach, Blood+ and Eureka 7 tonight.