Music Review: Fall Out Boy – Infinity on High

I was waiting for this album to come out ever since Fall Out Boy came out
“Sugar, We’re Going Down” and “Dance, Dance”. Released on February 6, 2007, it was tough to consider if I should buy the CD or get it on iTunes. Fortunately for me, the album hit iTunes only a bit later and allowed me to jam to the emo.

Like much of the dance club music, these are upbeat and very lively songs that you just want to jump around and twirl like when you a little kid. Not quite similar to trance or techno where you can get lost in the repetitive beats, but something that gains interest in both the lyrics and sound.
The reviews seem to be all over the place from fans, from absolutely estatic to not loving it at all and going back to the style of the older album, From Under the Cork Tree. Frankly, this album in my opinion is in the similar but tasteful sense of your usual dance music. While I’m listening to this album on repeat over and over again currently, I wouldn’t be surprised that a year from now, I’ll hardly touch it.
Many places currently sell this album including: