Movie Review: Origin: Spirits of the Past

Studio Gonzo comes out with another brilliant anime movie with Origin – Spirits of the Past: The Movie [affiliate] rented from Definitely another anime movie that will go on the list of things to collect.
This anime movie is about an age of post apocalypse where human beings running experiments on the moon created a disaster that destroyed what advanced civilization that we had. Three hundred years later, in the rebuild, the forest now possesses some sort of a more advanced intelligence and humans must coexist with the forest in order to survive. We find that while the forest can grant some individuals special powers, that there are also those that were brought out of stasis from pre-apocalypse time and are looking to destroy the world as it is and recreate what was there.

The struggle between humans to survive in the now instead of living in the past was the thing that draws you in for the whole ninety-four minutes. Another well-done anime movie that has a bit of a steam-punk atmosphere.
Some might find parts of it similar to the genre of Rahxephon. In any case, I would definitely recommend this anime movie to anyone.