Movie Review: Crank

First off, do not let children near this movie. Yes, we know it reads rated R, and that some people really don’t care if their kids are around such ratings. But seriously. This movie is very adult. VERY.
Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with what it’s about.
Chevy Chelios (John Statham), a freelance professional hit man for a giant west coast crime syndicate, finds himself with a huge headache and a DVD saying how he has one hour to live because he’s been pumped full of some crazy drug. The only way to slow the drug’s effect down is to keep his adrenaline running high. And so we begin the mad chase.

You watch as Chevy runs around town busting all the gangbangers and other whack jobs of the underground world that he’s a part of looking for the antidote. The movie starts fast, and is an adrenaline rush until the very end. All throughout, there is a lot of bad words, violence, a bit of gore, and some sexual situations that would make your mother blush. If you haven’t turned it off by now, you’ll probably find funny situations where the main character is just having the worst day of his life in his professional career.
What’s more interesting is that you’re gripping the chair trying to breathe as the whole place rushes around from one scene to another for the whole eighty seven minutes.
Cool fact? This movie was only made with $12 million. Really. Not bad eh?
You can buy Crank (Blu-Ray) (Widescreen) [affiliate] or Crank (Widescreen) [affiliate] at Walmart or anywhere else that carries movies.