Movable Type – NoHarvester plugin

Movable Type. ahh. It’s a great piece of work, but blocking spam bots and sploggers is one big pita. No worries. NoHarvester is this great plugin for MT 3.2+ as long as you’re using PHP pages and using static templates. This plugin basically seeds your entries with a key so that the key in has to match the key given depending on your user and entry point. Since this differs all the time, it’s nearly impossible for spambots to get around the NoHarvester plugin. Thus, your spam comment gets blocked, but real comments are fine.
Also, the developer Patrick Benny, is a real piece of work. He helped us debug a whole slew of issues upon installation of the plugin and even looked into troubleshooting the issues for us when we were tearing out our hair! That in itself gets some grand kudos.