Motorola P790 Portable Charger

Ever been caught traveling and working mobile and you find that your battery life is running dry on your mobile? I have. It wasn’t fun. At the time, I had to run into one of those shops at the airport and had to buy a portable charger with some AA batteries to keep work going.
Now you won’t have to if your phone has a mini-USB plug. In fact, any device that has a mini-USB plug and can take charges from it will be able to use the Motorola P790.

Some specifications:

  • Designed to work with all Motorola mini-USB phones and Bluetooth® v1.2 audio devices, supports most non-Motorola mini-USB phones and PDA’s.
  • Rechargeable and Reusable – mini-USB connector makes it easy to recharge the 1700 mAh lithium ion battery.
  • Portable and Powerful – small enough to fit neatly in your pocket, handbag or briefcase. Stash it in your car to ensure you have power when you need it most. 24.4 x 51.5 x 79.8 mm, 90 grams
  • Intuitive, easy to use controls with glowing red-green-yellow indicator light.
  • Charge time is approximately 2 hours.

What’s nice about this portable charger is that not only can you charge a device up on the go,but you can also trickle charge the charger, while you connect a device in-line. So say you plug up the P790 to the wall, and a phone to the P790. Both the P790 and the phone will charge together without having to charge each separately. Another nice feature is that the P790 retracts its mini-USB male end so that you don’t snap it off in your bag while you carry it around. It pops out when needed via the “switch” on the side of the unit.
Motorola Portable Power P790 Mini USB Charger (MT738) [affiliate] will run you about fifty bucks.