Motorola Bluetooth Portable Hands-Free Speaker T305

The Motorola T305 is the second handsfree speaker set that I’ve actually had a chance to play with. For a portable speakerphone device, this is a great early adopter device but it seems like there’s something that could be a bit better although there are vast improvements on earlier models.
That said, it is still probably the best portable speaker phone device out there outside of the luxury vehicles that have the built-in Bluetooth consoles.

Technical Specifications:

  • Echo and noise reduction technology minimize background noise and an efficient 1-watt speaker delivers clear audio.
  • Up to 14 hours talk or 200 hours standby time from a single charge.

Sound: Even with the 1W speaker, sometimes the ambient noise of the vehicle drowns out the conversation. If there was a better amplifier or more volume on the speaker phone, then it would be a lot better. The microphone seems to be pretty sensitive and but can also pick up random noise (eg. your car radio).
The automatic shutoff after forty or forty-five minutes is absolutely annoying since you cannot turn it off (or at least I didn’t read far enough into the manual to bother to look). You would imagine the standby of 200 hours also meant that you could leave it on in a car instead of having it power itself off.
Overall, the good outweigh the bad mainly because the speaker phone can be used, and it beats chatting on a headset that could put the ache in your ear. The Motorola T305 Bluetooth Car Kit for Cell Phones (MT736) [affiliate] goes for about eighty greenbacks.