How to get a Gigafast EE171-PR print server working with MacOSX

Gigafast makes a single USB print server called the EE171-PR. While setting up a printer via Windows is a cake-walk, the MacOSX side of things isn’t as simple.

  • First, you have to set up the print server with an IP address since it doesn’t come with it turned on. You can do this either via a static address or check what your DHCP server set up for the print server.
  • Then you have to install Gimp-Print. If you’re on 10.4, then you probably don’t have to bother since Gimp 5.0-beta2 is installed with System updates. Maybe it came with GIMP when we installed that, but in any case, we didn’t have to do anything. YMMV here.
  • Go to System Preferences > Print & Fax. Hit the “+” sign to add a printer.
  • Choose IP Printer, type in the IP address of the print server in Address and set up “lp1” for the Queue.
  • Change the name of your printer if you wish, and optionally give it a location. Then choose your printer by the manufacturer. If you have Gimp-Print installed, then you will get a whole bunch of printer drivers that are designated with Gimp-Print. Click Add.

And that’s it! It’s not perfect though. Some prints will come out totally screwy and sometimes it works like a charm. Depends on the application and how it interacts with the print server. It is a matter of print servers since there are network based printers that work with pretty much everything. But who has the cash for that?
Most of the steps were gleamed from MacOSXHints. Thanks guys for the help in getting some printer love to the Mac.