How to clean stuffed animals

Have a little one? Do they often throw their mashed up greens at their teddy? Maybe they try to feed Mr. Bear the nasty stuff they won’t eat?
Whatever the case with your toddler, the stuffed animal has to go in the wash. No fear. There are some solutions to cleaning stuffed animals:

Cleaning stuffed animals is very easy. The more expensive ones Dakin etc. can be washed in the washer inside a tied up pillowcase. The cheaper ones can be washed according grandma in a paper sack with some baking soda. Just shake. I have never had any complaints and I have two boys with very severe allergies.

And many more tips from Stretcher. Your little guy or gal will never know the difference between the nice germ free animal versus the green crusted bacteria infested one, but it’ll definitely keep your peace of mind.
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