Game Review: Rogue Galaxy for PS2

While everyone is oohing and ahhing about the new generation of gaming consoles, there are still amazing games coming out for the Sony PS2.
Rogue Galaxy, a Level 5 developed and Sony produced, has gained tremendous recognition in the realm of RPGs.
The storyline is a cross of Star Wars and a pirate’s life, where young Jaster Rogue sets off into the stars with a band of space pirates to find his dream. The pirates mistaken him for the legendary Desert Claw, a bounty hunter, and off they go in search of the lost planet that had an advanced civilization whom is said to possess enough wealth to buy the entire galaxy.

This little number has an entire arsenal of weaponry like most Level 5 games, including the weaponry advancement strategies just like earlier Level 5 games (Dark Cloud series). The maps are amazing and the cut scenes don’t differ too much from the actual game play graphics which makes transitions between the two a lot easier to watch.
The game itself launches you straight in to figure out all the battle sequences way before you even get to watch a movie sequence until the usual RPG scenario where they start with, movie intro, short training session, simple battle, more movies, etc. Instead, Rogue Galaxy sucks you right into the action before giving you more of the story.
Fortunately for us, we actually played the demo before buying this brilliant piece of work. Playstation Underground sent it along with a pirate flag. Arrr!
Another amazing thing about this work is the music and American voice acting. The music is very much like all other RPG music but especially so with such favorites as Star Ocean. That is because the music was composed by Tomohito Nishiura, Level 5’s chief music guy. The American voice acting comes with such favorites as Steve Blum and Crispin Freeman. This also means that the voice cast is a star cast, known in both the anime and gaming worlds as the voices of many of the characters.
Gamestop gave this beauty a 8.0 out of 10. Definitely worth your time. You can find yourself a copy of Rogue Galaxy PS2 [affiliate] and it will run you about forty bucks at the time of the review. But it’s brilliant, the directing is wonderful, and you won’t be disappointed with putting this along the RPG greats in your collection.