FedEx can’t seem to get a grip with delivering packages

How annoying. I vow never to use FedEx again unless the shipper has absolutely no other alternatives. Ever. I’ll even deal with the USPS and anyone that knows me knows that I don’t really care for the postal service since they’re not as reliable in this neck of the woods when it comes to when you’ll get your package as the private corporations.

I’ve been patiently waiting for a laptop bag of mine. For two weeks. And I’m thinking, why can’t you just follow my directions? UPS sure doesn’t have this issue. I’ve actually known the UPS guy as long as I’ve lived here and he’s never messed it up. I’ll also point out that the times they delivered it, the office was open and there’s always someone manning it there. Every delivery driver knows this or should.
Here’s the timeline (italics are my notes):

  • Wed (3/7): Package ships from Olive Branch, MS
  • Fri (3/9): Delivery exception (Why didn’t they deliver it to the office like every other shipping company does and they used to do here?)
  • Sat (3/10): Scheduled for next business day.
  • Mon (3/12): Delivery exception (Come on. The office signs for it.)
  • Tues (3/13): Held at FedEx location for recipient pickup I’m not driving out down 311 to pick up a package when the driver couldn’t get the stupid thing to the office
  • Wed (3/14): I call to ask if they could redeliver it and make a note to have the office sign for it.
  • Wed (3/21): I call to ask why they didn’t do what I said on 3/14. Redeliver and have the package signed for by the office.

So where is it? Where’s my package? Like I said before. I never had as many issues with delivery of a package since they moved from their Greensboro distribution center. Lately, FedEx delivers the package early instead of by what their dates are on their tracking. Not that early is bad, but it’s not exactly what you look for in a delivery service that promises it on a certain time if you have people not there. Seriously. Compared to your biggest competitor? You’re eating the dust of your rival. The service is way better, and I don’t have to deal with such hassle.
You know what a great way to fix this is? Maybe for one… DELIVER THE PACKAGE.
Update (10:23AM): You know, customer reviews from a post on OReillynet back in 2004, but comments up to May of 2006 doesn’t exactly show a lot of responsibility on the side of FedEx for cleaning up their act. I assumed that the issues was with a local distribution center management, but perhaps this extends farther into the depths of the delivery giant.
Update (10:46AM): After reading the door tag, there’s something that jumps out. Under the section called “Delivery Attempts” it says:

“We will make three attempts to deliver your package(s) on consecutive business days. Then your package(s) will be held for seven additional business days before being returned to the Shipper.”

Maybe it’s just me, but where’s my third consecutive delivery? It doesn’t show up at all. They can’t even start the timer on the seven days, nor should they until I get the third attempt. Unless they’re not following their own rules anymore.
Update (3/22): Still no delivery. Called FedEx customer support again. They gold a hold of the manager of the facillity here. He told me that he would have the package out today delivered to the leasing office.
Update (3/23): Still no delivery, or no update on the tracking. Called again and was promised by local facility that the package would definitely be shipped today to the leasing office.
Update (3/28): Finally received my package. As per request, the local manager of the FedEx location had someone special deliver it on 3/24. Unfortunately, since they didn’t bring a hand scanner, the tracking is still showing as “Held for pickup”. Talk about an ordeal. It’s been a good 2 1/2 weeks to get this package not including the times I wasn’t around. Ick.