Do you slam doors or pick up your friends by honking your horn?

There’s nothing like people that get on your nerves in apartment complexes.
You hold back everything you want to say such as:
“You have any manners?”
“Where did you grow up? With the animals?”
“Do you always sit on your porch and stare into the street?”
“Do you own a television?”
“Must you talk outside on your cell phone so the whole complex can hear about your ______ problem?”
“Are you deaf? Since I can sure hear your music through three walls.”
“Is there an earthquake? Oh wait… that’s a steady rhythm.”

Lately, there’s been a couple of truly “pita” individuals that I personally grow more and more annoyed at because of their unbelievably stupid actions.
The first annoyance consists of some individuals that slam their front door. I literally mean SLAM. The whole end of the complex shakes when this happens, and it just happens that these people seem to keep late hours so do it late at night. ALL. THE. FRIGGIN’. TIME.
I don’t think they even bother to lock their front door. Not the way they slam it. How do you even lock a front door if you slam the door all the time?
The second annoyance consists of people picking other people up. Now most civilized people would get out of their car, go to the door and ring the doorbell to pick up someone. At least you would think wouldn’t you? You would think so at least. Not here.
Every day, you get one or two automobiles that drive as close as they possibly can, perhaps even park in a parking spot, and then….. HITS THEIR HORN. Doesn’t matter if it’s day, night, the wee hours of the morning. It always happens. Makes you want to scream out the window, “What’s keeping you from dragging your fat lazy bum to the door and ringing the doorbell?”
No wonder people buy houses.