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Open letter to Adult Swim…

Dear Adult Swim,
Great on the April’s Fool’s joke. Haha. Playing Perfect Hair Forever instead of the usual anime line-up. What’s interesting is that you complain the whole year about your ratings, then you get some good shows that are not well advertised and you screw up by pissing off your fan base. It’s also laughable that the boards are having troubles at the time of this post due to the heavy traffic from upset fans (either that, or the forums software can’t scale very well).
First, Nielsen ratings are full of it. Have you ever tried to get a Nilsen ratings box? It’s near impossible, and there is no way to justify anime watchers versus the people that have the boxes. I personally have spoken to many local cable television people that have told me that it’s a total joke since it only tracks a segmented population and then the statistics are multiplied out.
Second, you now have no right to complain about ratings on anime and the commitment it takes to watch it anymore. Last year, it was the “farting” sounds. Very juvenile. At least you could mute it and read the closed captioning. This year, it’s the total disregard of television listings. Every single listings was incorrect from Yahoo to TV Guide starting at 12:00AM EST.
Great job.
Don’t forget one certain thing. You might not think anime is important enough to promote instead of your Super Deluxe show that seems to get more ad time than anything else, but Cartoon Network would not have had its big break without anime. Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon made CTN.
The biggest disappointment tonight will be the fact that you messed up a perfectly good schedule, and disappointed many dedicated fans that stay up on Saturday nights to watch your shows. I might add the only few times that some people can stay up when it comes to work and school schedules.
Again, kudos on your juvenile April Fool’s joke. Perhaps when the ratings have sunk so far because your fan base is going elsewhere for their fix, that you’ll actually remember how your roots got started.
I for one am disappointed that there will not be Bleach, Blood+ and Eureka 7 tonight.

Crazy Week Sale at Play-Asia

Until April 5, 2007, one of our favorite game importers has gone literally nuts. Everything in the store that isn’t new in the last 30 days is 20% off as long as it is in stock. This is a perfect chance for you to grab Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All [affiliate] for a mere $24. Or DJ Max Portable [affiliate] for $40. Either way, everything there is 20% off as long as it fits the constraints…. until April 5th! That’s next Thursday! So drag your cursor over to Play-Asia and grab the stuff you need and want before it’s gone.

Black Light

Black Light is an interesting utility that inverts the gamma on your screen and thereby inverts the colors. This is supposedly a good way to extend your battery life and read in dim lighting, but we’ve never heard of such things. We supose having powering less pixels would be a good thing, if a screen’s black was actually a non-powered pixel. But they’re not, so the battery life extension is a farce. Otherwise, the whole readability thing is up to the user. In any case, take a try with this free MacOSX utility. It might not be something we’re interested in, but it might something that you are.
Lifehacker < BlackLight

Movie Review: Origin: Spirits of the Past

Studio Gonzo comes out with another brilliant anime movie with Origin – Spirits of the Past: The Movie [affiliate] rented from Netflix.com. Definitely another anime movie that will go on the list of things to collect.
This anime movie is about an age of post apocalypse where human beings running experiments on the moon created a disaster that destroyed what advanced civilization that we had. Three hundred years later, in the rebuild, the forest now possesses some sort of a more advanced intelligence and humans must coexist with the forest in order to survive. We find that while the forest can grant some individuals special powers, that there are also those that were brought out of stasis from pre-apocalypse time and are looking to destroy the world as it is and recreate what was there.

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Second Life code issues and scalability

At the beginning of the year, I started to play Second Life again. Yes, the same one by Linden Lab and the same one that a virtual world that operates within our reality. This is the game where you can be anyone, do anything, and it even has its own commerce and stock exchange. Where the Grid is like the Matrix where you’re tied to a world upon many many servers that are interconnected.
But lately, there has been some issues. Issues with code release and testing.

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Gmail delete keyboard shortcut

If you have Gmail and you’re looking to delete items without clicking the delete button, you’re in luck. As long as you turn on the keyboard shortcuts in your settings, all you have to do is select the message or be inside the message and hit “Shift + 3”. That’s the Shift key and the number 3 at the same time (or if you want to be technical, the # sign.
Either way you look at it… you’ll delete the message and be the new founder of cool amongst your geeky friends. At least you have friends, right?
Lifehacker < DigitalInspiration


Xee is a free image browser that is used as a Preview replacement for MacOSX. It actually is very fast and uses little memory compared to other image browsing tools and uses OpenGL to help with processing the images. It’s very lightweight, but not a total replacement for Preview since it doesn’t do document processing.
Definitely useful if you’re looking for something to do what Preview does without the overhead for images.
Lifehacker < Xee

Scary things that could happen on Twitter

Sometimes, technology is wonderful. Other times, no one bothers to weigh in the negative aspects of the technology.
Take for example, the latest fad, Twitter.
The whole concept is to answer the question: “What are you doing?”
That’s fine. But there is also such a thing as too much disclosure. Take a look at Scoble telling the world where he is and how he is doing. He says that it’s notifying friends and coworkers of his situation… but can you see what could potentially become an issue here?

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Remember how Backdrop worked? Dropcloth is a very similar open source utility that is for Windows. The basic idea is that you don’t have to clean up your desktop when you take a screenshot of your system. Instead, you can just overlay an image between the screenshot’s target and the background so that it looks pristine and clean. Without actually having to cleanup after yourself.
And we all know that some of us just have so many icons on the desktop that it’s tough to keep organized. The messy genius if you will. Or so we’re told. Or something…
Via Lifehacker

Best Buy acquires Speakeasy… small businesses fear all is lost

Speakeasy is one of the premiere ISPs today that grew out of one of the first Internet cafes back in the day. And while they target small businesses, they also keep the same mentality as they did over ten years ago… if you happen to want to share your DSL or wireless, no problem on their end! Or if you have linux, the no sweat.
While the CEO claims that it will continue to operate independently, many customers are voicing their concerns over if the overall management of Best Buy will effect the style of customer service that Speakeasy is known for.
Remember Geek Squad? One has to wonder if they’ll continue to strive for the awesome customer support they’ve had or bow to the will of their parent corporation.
Slashdot < Reuters