Work ethics

There’s some things that just can’t beat good work ethics. After reading my buddy’s post on dependability in the work place, it was about time to throw in my two cents worth.
There is pretty much nothing that can top the hard worker that makes good on what is promised. It doesn’t ever have to be fast, or with a new fancy process that is efficient. The goal is to do as you’re asked and to manage to get the job done at the time that the project is due.
As an intern, I remember my manager giving me a project that was supposed to take me three months to accomplish and I did it in two weeks. Again, it had nothing to do with the time, but the fact that I finished a project as per specification of my manager. That lead me to better things within my career due to the work ethic.
For younger folks, this is something to be said. Changing out jobs doesn’t have the negative connotation it did a decade ago, but it’s still not something that should be done much unless there is something to be gained. Even at your dream job, sometimes you’ll feel like you want to call it quits. But it’s the work ethic that drives your through and the rewards at the end of the goal line that keep you going. Without good work ethic, it really matters not how intelligent you are or how much potential you have.
In the corporate world, your reputation is fragile. So don’t forget the one thing that will get you places when no one else can help you: good work ethics.