Vista’s do-nothing firewall?

An interesting analysis of the Windows Vista firewall by Robert Vamosi, senior editor of CNET Reviews. Apparently, the Windows Vista firewall, doesn’t really do anything on the outbound. Previously in XP, the firewall blocked only scary inbound connections but now the new features is that you can also block outbound connections.
This is similar to something like ZoneAlarm which has been able to do this since.. well, who knows when. It’s been that long. But what’s interesting is that while it can block outbound connections, it doesn’t really default to blocking… well, anything going out.
Why is this bad? Well, if you get infected with malware, then there’s a good chance that you’re sending all sorts of data that you didn’t know you were sending. That’s not a good thing. ZoneAlarm and other software firewalls prevent that with a database list of known good applications. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t choose to take this route. Take a look at the analysis of the Windows Vista firewall and make up your own mind on whether or not it works well.