Veteran Affairs loses another 48,000 records

The VA just cannot seem to keep a hold of its data. In 2006, it lost somewhere in the realm of 26 million records of veterans. These records held private information of individuals and the Department of Veteran Affairs took a beating for it. Currently, they within a pilot program for hardware encryption, probably something similar to the new Seagate drives that come encrypted.
Unfortunately, it’s not just the claims offices that are getting hit. This time around, it was the Birmingham VA Medical Center where an external hard drive containing the data was stolen.
There really needs to be some people taught on how to secure data. Personal information or records NEVER go on an external hard drive unless that hard drive is in a secure facility and locked in a secured room. Most of these databases or records should be on a network only use. Any IT professional should know that and recommended this course of action. In any case, the damage has been done and we’ll await for the VA to clean up their mess as the media jumps all over this press release.
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